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844 sound level meter with USB Transmission
Published£º 2011-4-4¡¡¡¡¡¡

844 sound level meter with USB Transmission
this item is very precision,mainly used in noisy testing,especail used in Laboratory & Chemical ,or  special mute projection.

Below let me sharing with you its charactor:
first.USB transmission to the computer.you could see the data on the computer,and stock the data and further analyse better.Second,with Calendar.final,nice designs with back light.

Sound Level Meter also known as (noise meter) is the most basic noise measurement instruments. Sound level meter generally condenser microphone, pre-amplifiers, attenuators, amplifiers, frequency weighted rms directed networks as well as the composition of the table top. Sound level meter working principle is: the sound from the microphone into electrical signals, impedance transformation by the pre-amplifier, so that the microphone with the attenuator match.

if you have other good suggestion on the sound level meter,please feel free to contact us at www.asuntest.com   asuntest@asuntest.com


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